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Venus Manor·Classical

Venus Manor·Classical

The European style can be divided into Nordic, simple European and traditional European style according to different regional cultures. European style emphasizes the change of linear flow and gorgeous colors. It is based on romanticism in form. The decoration materials are mainly white, with elegant lighting and exquisite carpets. The whole style is luxurious and magnificent, full of strong dynamic effects, romantic and beautiful, lets take a look at the Venus Manor series Design it and find the home you want!

The style of Venus Manor is simple and elegant, and the lines are concise, bringing people a sense of comfort and relaxation in a clear and unified space.

The combination of the bedroom and the cloakroom enlarges the storage function, and the combination of natural wood color and warm white is fresh and natural.

The generous and concise design not only meets the needs of the home, but also meets the needs of people to the utmost extent.