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Blessing ·chinoiserie

Bordeaux red oak with off-white finishes reveals the classic and elegance of the new Chinese style. The concave rounded corners are painted with gold lines, highlighting the prosperous and luxurious style. The symmetrical layout shows the breadth of the world between square inches, presenting the balanced beauty of traditional Chinese culture, harmony and auspiciousness. The ring-shaped blessing handle has a unique oriental charm and is self-conscious.

Graceful and elegant, creating a new Chinese mood in modern fashion.

The space is large and unified, allowing you to cultivate your body outside, cultivate your heart inside, and get the purity and fullness of your soul.

The hollow partition is both realistic and freehand, conveying the foundation of Chinese culture.

Lift the tatami, rise up to play chess and poems, lightly drink wine and cook tea, lower down to sleep on the couch, lightly sleep and deep sleep.

There is no bluffing, no bustling piles, and there is still a strong character between the squares.