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Estonia· Classic

Estonia· Classic

Pushing open the door, what you see is full of European style. The pure white background color makes the room look brighter. European style is a popular decoration style. From simple to complicated, from overall to partial, the meticulous craftsmanship gives a meticulous impression. On the one hand, the European style retains the general style of materials and colors, and on the other hand adds innovation, but still can strongly feel the traditional historical traces and strong cultural heritage, while at the same time abandoning the complicated texture and decoration, simplifying line.

The design of the living room, dining room and the entrance is full of strong European style, and the overall arrangement makes the space more vivid.

The elegant space outlined by the simple lines in the bedroom makes people feel extremely comfortable visually, physically and mentally.

The European-style spatial symmetry makes the combination of items reveal a sense of refinement.

Every detail in the space is a picture scroll in the eyes of you and me, filling the ordinary life with a sense of ritual.