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Moonlight· modern luxury

The moonlight series combines the popular Italian colors and upgrades in terms of color, texture, texture and touch. It realizes the combination of environmental protection and health functions and practical performance of healthy cabinets, creating a new era of fashionable cabinets. The main color is black wood grain, the whole space is quiet and harmonious, and at the same time, some ink pad red is added to harmonize the cool color of the space.

In the complex style, keep calm and rational, and intuitively perceive the unity of beauty and luxury, in order to achieve a daily and textured dining and living space.

In the contrast between rigidity and softness, coldness and warmth, the texture renders the quality of the space. Based on the simple line design, the luxurious marble, metal, luminous mirror and other fashionable elements are used to create a rich layering for the living space.

A luxurious home must have a quiet feeling that can touch the depths of the soul. The color jump of inkpad red highlights the inheritance of the space quality and reveals the simplicity and beauty of art. Taking into account nobility and elegance, the design connotation of simplicity but not simplicity is realized, and an exclusive luxury quality life is created.

Create a light and luxurious style of elegant life. There is life, there is temperature, so that the heart can be placed and rested for a moment. The new product adopts a 9mm back plate, which has a more stable structure and is not easily deformed. Ingenuity everywhere, let people have a light and pleasant comfort.