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stars monogatari

stars monogatari·modern luxury

It's been a long time since you living in the city have seen the stars, and the clusters of tall buildings rising from the ground obscured the brilliance of the stars and the moon. Clover launched the Star Story series, leading urbanites to experience the tranquil atmosphere.

The distinctive black-and-white stone-grain door panels are matched with the mild wood-grain color cabinet panels, partially decorated with colored lights, which are lively and jumping.

Abandon the exaggerated and fancy colors, and highlight the high cold atmosphere. The cabinet combination can not only store but also show the taste and style, light up your life.

The bookcase that can reach the top, the internal layout is customized on demand, and the environmentally friendly craftsmanship allows you to enjoy leisure reading time.

No handle design, care for family collision. Simple appearance, strong sense of lines, and product integrity are the new trends in home design.