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The Seine Meets Paris

The Seine Meets Paris·modern luxury

Every city has its source of life. The civilizations established by mankind on both sides of the strait always complement each other, like London and the Thames, Vienna and the Danube, Paris and the Seine. Clover launched the Seine River series with simple line language, independent neutral color style and natural wood texture, with atmospheric and calm sliding doors, and matching top lines and Roman columns in the same color, simple and clear, very suitable for new aristocrats Aesthetic.

The one-shaped home cabinet is clear at a glance. The design combination of the card seat and the hanging area adds new ideas to the cabinet design. The combination of the door panel and the large handle, and the combination of the small door panel and the small handle makes the cabinet more flexible.

When you enter the living room, you are attracted by the style of the TV cabinet. The division of the three areas makes the TV cabinet functionally distinct. The display area, the TV open grid area, and the enclosed storage area, the combination of functions, are coordinated and tasteful.

The large-area open grid makes the display area more space, which adds the beauty to the house just right, and also reflects the advantages of the cabinet.

The bookcase is integrated with the desk, and the overall sense is stronger. Storage and use can be carried out at the same time, which improves the experience of using the study room, and is uniquely displayed in front of the customers, which is lovable.

The combination of wardrobe, dressing table, and open wall cabinet, plus the integration of cabinet laminate lighting, makes the bedroom more design.