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Mondrian·modern Luxury

The visual communication of a temperament does not rely on a detail or an element. It is often a combination of multiple detail elements. It is elegant, comfortable, simple, and temperamental, not ordinary modern light luxury... It is simply beautiful! This is the Mondrian series.

Part of the golden color is added to the white living room as an accent, and the soft decoration is embellished to show the sense of elegance and romance. Both classic and fashion, the color and texture are more in line with the spatial temperament.

The ultra-high door panels are integrated, and the handleless design is stylish and simple. The combination of open and closed cabinets presents a brisk rhythm, giving the space agility and tension.

In addition to meeting the protagonists knowledge needs, the handwork that gives more space for thinking is also one of the joys of life. It is given a modern sense of modern simple geometric structure, matched with textured art accessories, rhythms the space, and gives full play to the combination of aesthetics of storage. visual impact.

Technological wood grain, soft colors, delicate and moist texture, large areas of color are used in the bedroom space, creating a calm and quiet meaning. The embellishment of decorative paintings breaks the dullness of monochrome, and the warmth of home emerges spontaneously.