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Dreamlike Carmen

Dreamlike Carmen·modern luxury

The simple and powerful light luxury style, like a beating note, coincides with the beautiful colors. As a famous opera, "Carmen" uses gorgeous, compact, and fascinating music in its overture to express the main content. Clover House Custom launches the Dream Carmen series to closely follow these keywords, giving people a different visual feast.

The large-scale use of light-colored tones creates a clean, bright, elegant and atmospheric mood in the living room space. The addition of orange, while expanding the visual effect, gives the space a low-key, luxurious light and luxurious temperament.

The fully open aluminum wooden cabinet is fashionable and trendy. It is well integrated with color contrast based on the simple and atmospheric design, forming a relatively unique style, which is appreciated and favored by many modern young people.

Fully open, semi-transparent and closed aluminum wood cabinets are available, they are scattered and beautiful. The full-open style allows you to see where the clothes you want to wear at a glance, and the closed style can collect seasonal clothes, which is extremely practical.