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Impression of Allen

impression of Allen·Minimalism

The fascinating check-in point in the world-Northern Europe, always attracts people with that kind of cold, beautiful and magnificent manner. Northern Europe has a long history and culture, and the architectural style it explains is increasingly sought after by modern urbanites. The spirit, charm, simplicity and comfort contained in the Nordic style are fascinating.

The main color is simple and clean, and the line design is unique. Slowly extend the field of vision to the end, and the slightly narrow space gradually opens up, which increases the sense of space while avoiding visual monotony.

With white as the base, gray carpets and fabric sofas disperse the white lings. The original wood color + plain white TV cabinet and the background walls on both sides create a simple atmosphere.

The overall design is stylish, modern, practical, and exquisite artistic design style, making the sideboard a pure and true representative. With functions such as storage, display, storage, etc., a sideboard like this is the real good life at home.


According to the apartment design, the L-shaped structure gives the kitchen a sense of enjoyment. The simple and elegant white of the top cabinet and the original wood color of the floor cabinet increase the simple and atmospheric line structure, making the kitchen a new field of minimalism.

Simple and elegant, the original wood color is matched with simple and elegant white, which fully demonstrates the Nordic architectural style, and creates a warm home style with warm and warm lighting.

The color of the original wood is unified, and if you delete the complex, you can return to the natural and most authentic colors. The dark top cabinets and curtains avoid color deviation and increase the warm color of the space. The tatami design combines rest, leisure and storage, making life full of exquisite rituals.

The hidden desk can transform the study into a bedroom, saving extra space and making small spaces full of vitality. Minimalism makes you want to stop!

Simple and reasonable planning makes the balcony no longer a place for stacking sundries, it is more practical and can be used for leisure.