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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre· Minimalism

The luxuries in modern urban life force young people to desire a simple and leisurely lifestyle. The KLF Jane Eyre series are minimalist, stylish and elegant with rationality and strictness. The whole is dotted with pure and fearless lake shadow blue and vibrant lemon yellow, like a swan lake and golden wheat fields, bringing a touch of poetry to modern urban life, a little shallow leisure.

The built-in high cabinet on the left side blends with the space without showing arrogance. The display area and storage area are reasonably divided, and the humanized design makes the clutter into parts, and life has rules to follow.

The integrated design of floor cabinet + dining table, personalized wall cabinet combination + built-in refrigerator storage, creates a bright and spacious sense of space. The wall cabinet meets the storage needs, and the hidden sensor lamp is illuminated, which is practical and unique.

With gray and white as the main tone, simple atmosphere, the combination of floor cabinets and wall cabinets, chic and fashionable, vibrant lemon yellow and black and white main colors are interpreted together, simple and fashionable modern charm.

The closed combined vertical cabinet meets different storage needs. The jumping vibrant orange creates a breathing space environment in the study. The small bay window forms a place by itself, making the study more romantic.

The blue integrated bed screen reveals elegance in tranquility, while the main color of gray and black is strict and rational, making people feel calm. The ingenious combination of bedside table + desk + bay window cabinet maximizes the use of space. The humanized design meets the dual needs of storage and display. Let get an independent space to ride freely.

The smooth lines bring a sense of space in a big house, the main colors of black and white are rational and simple, and the combination of individual bookcases and wall cabinets + glass doors makes full use of the wall space. The electric tatami lift table allows one-click control of life freely.

Built-in washing machine, rational use of space, combined space partitions, realizing storage of all kinds of objects, black and white two colors form a strong contrast, creating a simple new style.