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Moonlight & Egret

Moonlight & Egret·Minimalism

Life should be like this. There is no vigorousness in a romance novel, no saving the world in a movie, and some just plain as water aftertaste. Modern urbanites pay more and more attention to the quality of life and pursue the original taste of life. A cup of tea and a book are stepped on the wooden floor, step by step, wandering in the natural ocean.

The Moonlight Egret is a demure attitude toward life, which is consistent with the simple pursuit of the heart.

Reasonably divide the functional areas, the open shoe area storage at the bottom, the closed shoe area storage at the middle, the idle storage at the upper level, and the open storage at the transition layer. Reduce the irrationality of random collection of items after entering the house, so that items can be neatly classified.

The combination of golden sand white and smoked oak reveals the character of a refined gentleman. The steady glass door with black frame and warm light, embellish the light and luxurious temperament. The TV cabinet with storage, decoration and styling functions can satisfy more use experience.

The selection of colors and materials reveal a mature and elegant, low-key luxury, and tasteful cabinet space.

The elegant and intellectual wine cabinet blends with the indoor environment and is harmonious and beautiful. Enjoy the delicious food and the aroma of red wine leisurely and feel the beautiful experience brought by vision and life.

The flooded super-crystal panels light up the dull atmosphere of the bedroom. The overall shape is matched with black matte long handles, which is simple and fashionable. MINI black frame, frame a kind of life attitude, low-key luxury. The combination of half structure and half panels makes the bedroom space more breathable and three-dimensional.