Malmö ·Minimalism

Minimalism is not about material simplicity, it can be refined or luxurious, but it requires you to travel through the ocean of material to find what is truly important. Fast-paced, fatigue, and stress are all over life. We follow the path of "Jane" and think that home can become like this.

The Malmö series is a modern and simple style, simple and atmospheric, diversified use of elements, colors, lighting, materials, etc., focusing on the layout and use of space.

The ultra-high shoe cabinet has more storage. The movable hand-operated door and the folding shoe changing stool make life simple and convenient, and the humanized design takes into account the small details of daily life. The color of the log changes the coolness of the white roof and ground, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The color of the log is made of a material with great vitality. It has a natural texture, rich texture, and inherent natural beauty, giving people a comfortable warmth. The overall elegant atmosphere, more storage space and more reasonable functional area division, meet the needs of home life.