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Oak’s love

Oaks love ·Minimalism

The life philosophy of minimalists is to advocate simple life and return to the essence of life. The so-called simple and unsophisticated heart is reflected in the home furnishings as "simplicity", with simple style, simple colors, simplified structure, and the pursuit of visual comfort, warm heart and warm home life scenes.

On the basis of the wood, orange lights and linear stripes are added to give the overall design a sense of fusion. The plain wood color and orange lights add surprises inadvertently.

The multifunctional combined upright cabinet is gray with natural wood color, low-key, deep and full of charm elements to meet the needs of diversified storage. The simple line shape avoids visual fatigue caused by a single element.

A line-shaped structure with reasonable movement lines, simple and elegant white + original wood color with metal elements and tempered glass, creating a warm and comfortable space environment, built-in refrigerator and oven design, integrated with the cabinet, making it more atmospheric and simple.

The color of the original wood is used as the base tone to make the space more woody. The natural texture of the wood after the craftsmanship makes the precipitation of nature and time more clearly visible, creating a sense of heaviness and inadvertently showing a sense of luxury , Let the wood finish color warm and comfortable, giving people a natural and calm feeling.